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Comics Colouring – Judge Dredd

Here we go again! Some more procreate colouring and another classic 2000AD panel, if

Comics Colouring – Rogue Trooper

Following some new skills and new software I decided to see if I could

Comic Colouring – Tomb Of The Judges

After some recent practice with comic colouring as part of visualising my characters from my

Gods Of Men Kickstarter

Mythic Press Michael Phoenix   Kickstarter for new comic ‘Gods of Men’ starts

How Jessica Jones Explores The Female Experience

It wasn’t long ago that Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix exclusive series burst on to

In Defence of Snyder’s Batman & Superman

Where to begin. As befitting the quasi-religous figure he is and as the film

Old Wounds

As he laid on the table he looked up at his reflection in the

Unholy Warfare

The ground shimmers as the sun beats down from the aqua blue sky, a

Celestia – Goddess of the Stars

Hail Celestia, Goddess Of the Stars! For my Girlfriends birthday recently she wanted herself